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NY20+ International Artist Residency Program

2021 Open Call


   Situated in Chengdu, Sichuan, NY20+ is an art promotion organization supported by Nongyuan Culture, will interconnect Chengdu and other regions across the world for the development of art and culture. With strong inclusiveness, Chengdu perfectly integrates traditional and contemporary elements together; it is also a major carrier of Bashu Culture which featuring unique designs and craftsmanship, shines among Chinese traditional cultures.


  Artist Residency Program, launched in 2008, is committed to make a diverse, interactive, creative and continual international artist in residence program. To diversify the Program, NY20+ initiate the Rubik's Cube Project that more than 40 containers which can be extended to various physical spaces are planted in Nongyuan’s large-scale Art & Nature Ecology. The Project aims at propelling conversation between Chengdu-based and international artists and designers, as well as giving back the initiative to them in creating an international art tribe where diverse art and culture flourishes.

  In 2021, NY20+ continues to dig into indigenous culture and will utilize Chengdu elements, Bashu Culture, traditional art and other media to develop the residency program and promote the diversity of art and culture in Chengdu and other regions.

   Applicants can refer to Bashu culture and traditional Chinese handicrafts, or choose any kind of Bashu or traditional elements, patterns, historical stories, craftsmanship and etc. for using them in the art creation without limitation of creation forms. NY20+ will select the residency project plans submitted by applicants and then provide the selected ones with related academic support and opportunity for exhibition and exchanges.

Description of residency program

(1)  Residence Duration     

Minimum 7 days (based on the specific project plan )

(2)  Disciplines

Open to artists, art amateurs, designers, art students or groups, art lovers or craftsman from various disciplinesall over the world.

(3)    Support from NY20+

1)  Studio/ workspace

Private or shared studios/work space is provided with basic art materials and other materials can be financed according to the artist’s project within a limited budget.

2)  Accommodation

a.  Private or shared bedrooms are furnished and equipped. The air conditioning, bathroom, washing machine and wi-fi Internet and basic necessities are included.

b.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at a regular time in residence. Any special requirements should be negotiated in advance.

c. NY20+ is only responsible for the accommodation within the residence

3)  Technical assistance

If any kind of technical assistance is needed according to the artists’ residency project, the artist can negotiate with NY20+ in advance.

4)   Exhibition and promotion

a.NY20+ will build web-pages in both Chinese and English for artists’ promotion in China.

b.NY20+ has the right to use applicants’ documents (including applicants’ portraits and CVs), artworks (including audios, videos, images, and texts) for related online and off-line promotion activities.

c.Applicants will have opportunities to open workshops according to the residency plan.

d.Applicants will have chances to participate in annual group exhibition, salons, lectures, seminars, and other related exchanges according to the artworks’ style.

5)  Cooperation

Both long-term and short-term cooperation in different forms is on the table.

More details, please e-mail us.

(4)    Expectation for artists

1)  Studio/ workspace and accommodation

Applicants should take the responsibility for ensuring the bedroom is without damage, as well as the studios or workspace.

2)  Exhibition and promotion

a.  Before and during residency, applicants should offer related information to NY20+ for related publicity and promotion.

b.  Applicants should take part in studio interaction, academic discussions, salons, lectures or related educational exchanges that are organized by NY20+

3)  Donation

a.  With the applicants’s consent, a piece of work or works created before or during the residency will be donated to NY20+ Artist Residency Program after selection and negotiation between both parties.

b.  NY20+ will offer artists the Certificate of Collection when received the donation and exhibited the donated artwork on occasions after the residency.

c.   Donation rules are as follows(changes are allowable and based on artworks.):
        Painting  7 days residency: 1 piece (50x80cm)

                        14 days residency: 2 pieces (50x60cm) or 1 piece (100X100cm ).


                        A representative previous artwork (50X60cm min.).

                       10 photographs created during residency (NY20+ and artists own

                        the copyright together)

        Other artworks(such as sculpture, installation art, design, new media, drama)

                        Communication and negotiation with each other on the basis of the program and

                        artists’ residency plan.

d.  Artworks (except works donated to NY20+ Artist Residency Program) created during the residency are owned by applicants themselves and whose related expenses of transportation shall be paid by themselves.

4)  Costs

a.  The cost of transportation to and from the residence is artists’ responsibility.

b. Any personal expenses incurred during the residency, including medical expenses, are of responsibility of the artist.

5)  After confirming the residency qualification

Applicants shall sign a residency contract to get the invitation letter for their visa and then formally email their own consulate in Chengdu to apply for media support and project support in order to give more help to NY20+ Artist Residency Program.

(5)  How to apply

Applicants should provide:

1)  Latest CV and personal contact information

      Files should be titled as: Smith John’s resume

2)  Collections of representative works’ images (10 max) with introductions (500 words max.):

a.  Displaying applicants’ artistic features and personal styles and thoughts.

b.  Documents must be sent in MP3, MP4, JPG or Word format.

c.  Images files should be titled as:

         Name of the artist and the work, category/ material, size, and creation year.

           Example: John, SNOW, painting,60 x 60,2018

d.  Image resolution :2 MB (min.)

3)  Project plan

   It refers to applicants’ creation plan which should be made by applicants first, containing overall arrangements and requirements such as time and space during the residency. Applicants can make specific changes in their plans to fit in NY20+’s,projects and make proposals about exhibitions of their works, salons, lectures or exchanges. Then after confirming the final plan, NY20+ and applicants will negotiate for extra arrangements.

4)  The Residency Application Form

   Please E-mail NY20+ or refer to the attachment for the Application Form, then fill out it and send back to the official e-mailbox.

5)  All documentations must be in English.

     Upon preparation, please send documents to the official email at: with the title as application for NY20+ Artist Residency Program.

(6)   Criteria

     Prospective applicants will be selected by NY20+ committee based on their body of work, CV and proposal for the residency program. The committee will take into consideration the excellence of the proposal in relation to innovation and artistic experimentation.


(7) Notice

1)  Please do not send the original works or any other valuable documents to NY20+ without consultation, or related materials will not be sent back.

2)   Documentations and materials applicants provided must be correct and authentic. Artists should take legitimate responsibilities for information they provided.

3)   Please follow the rules to submit materials for getting the residency opportunity quicker.

(8) Contact

For any questions about NY20+ Artist Residency Program, please contact us:  




Company address: No. 20, Sanhe Section, Wuhou Avenue, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Residency address: 

Zone A: Group 5, Xinmiao Village, Jinhua Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu

Zone B: No. 20, Sanhe Section, Wuhou Avenue, Wuhou District, Chengdu 

Zone C: No.2576, Section4, Jinhe Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu