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“Pandemic”, “Intense Heat”, “Power Cuts”. What Else?Earthquake: I'm Coming!

#This year is probably Chengdu’s year.

From August to September, Chengdu has gone through the toughest pandemic period since 2019 and always hit the trending pages. The heat and power cuts have left the city in dire straits, but before it could catch its breath, the pandemic and the earthquake come unexpectedly. Chengdu people are born positive with humor, even if facing difficulties, they can still joke.

Art can be so funny, so well-understood, so playful?

Art can be so close to the public life?

We are now waiting the humorous ones to make that happen:

Joking about difficulties, drawing the life with earthly strokes, and making real positive but inclusive arts.

“The Spirit of Lettuce.”

The pronunciation of lettuce in Sichuan dialect sounds like ‘humor’.


“Humor is, as it were,

the growth of nature and accident;

wit is the product of art and fancy”

(William Hazlitt).


  1. Open to: all artists

  2. Key words: Chengdu Pandemic Life with Spirit of Humor;

  3. Artwork Category: Including not limited to digital art, illustration, Chinese painting, oil painting, comics, graffiti, watercolor, gouache, printmaking, etc.

  4. Deadline: Dec.1, 2022

How to apply

1. Please submit files as follows:

A) Picture of works in JPG format with a resolution not less than 300 dpi;

C) Filled the application form in Chinese or English.

2. Please send all files above to the official e-mail tiled as “The Spirit of Lettuce + Author Name”.

3. The application form can be downloaded from our official website:, or contact us.

4. The results will be notified by E-mail. There is no extra exhibition or entry fee.

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Zhao Nong, Colorful Food Market,Oil   painting

# Chengdu food market is a social platform for 2 hours every day

# Look! Chengdu food market is full of henpecked men.

What we offer

  1. The artworks submitted will have the opportunity to be exhibited.

  2. The exhibited artists will receive a digital certificate and a gift at the exhibition site.

  3. Awards and Prizes:

    “Super Humorous Artist” (1 spot): One Gift Package + digital Certificate.

    “Advanced Humorous Artists” (2 spots): One Gift Package + digital Certificate

    “Potential Humorous Artists (3 spots): One Gift Package + digital Certificate.

    (More surprises are waiting for you)

  4. The award-winning artists will be given priority and other benefits in NY20+ residency program and other art projects.

  5. The award-winning artists will have free opportunity of artworks promotion on the NY20+ media platform.


1. Artworks submitted should have original, independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright, and do not infringe any rights of third parties, including not limited to intellectual property rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc. All legal liability for any relevant disputes arising from the breach of the above warranty shall be borne by artists themselves, regardless of the organizer.

2. The organizer have the right to use the information submitted by applicants for promotion of this event.

3. The information and materials provided by the applicants shall be accurate and true. Any legal problems arising from the information provided shall be their own responsibilities.

4. All application shall be deemed to have accepted and complied with the relevant regulations of this event.

5. All rights are reserved.


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