Songs, wines, dances, goods
We appreciate so much for your participation

In the outskirts,

we stayed till the midnight.

We enjoyed the pink spree amid the late-Spring zephyr and green scenery,

the blazing sunshine of coming Summer and the interval showers at sunset,

as well as the cool breeze at night.

From scratch
Multifarious visual, auditory, and tactile senses will rush to you and break your original vision of pink. All about the pink, just immerse yourself in the fairyland before the coming start of the Summer.
Lets see what weve tried this time?

Danny Dixon
Golnaz Jalilvand
Using realism as his primary tool, he takes up the role like a mailman,He transports and delivers written languages, iconography, and imagery of urban landscapes from places where he lives in, with minimum alterations of their original form, into one single composition.
Specialized in blending bright colors with anime-style design, iconic pop characters, and patriotic symbolism. Skilled in an array of mediums, particularly acrylic paint and marker.

I have found painting, a way from inside, out. Every painting is an explosion of all those defined and undefined emotions, which once get out, leave nothing but ashes inside. My Art, is an Emotional rescue, for me.

Pop Art Exhibition

We used two Container-Installations as two coherent art sites to display the latest artworks of China, French and Iran artists, which facilitates the exchanges between artists and visitors.

They also conducted trials to see how could they be inspired by Chengdu and the local people,  

how could the visitors be touched by their artworks, and expected what would they turn out in the future as well ?

Waiting for you next time!

Graffiti Jam

Over 50 writers of different countries, ages and levels gathered here,

as a result of their common interest,

to shortly escape from their daily life and get their happiness back.

They joined hands to create pink late-Spring and future “legal” land.

Here, blazing sunshine was also their blazing heart.

The wall will always be here,

we will always keep writing,

and the party will go on and on!

Contact Improvise

Pink and green nature, sunshine, water, wind, cloud, grass and land all became our tactile “Friends”. Whether you have dance experiences or not, just free yourself to feel your body and nature and dance with each other in an imprivised manner during the period of interactive contact of nature and people.

On top of that, Iran face-painting artist Golnaz and Cyanotype artist Li Yingzi also gave us a unique interactive experience and a different art world.

Tradition and modernization lie across the grasssward, tree shade, pavillions, Container-Installations and cube in wild. Collective sketch in Spring not only showed the tranquility of the Cube in Pink party, but also showed the booming creation capability.

Art Bazaar

More than 40 vendors gathered here, covering independent brands of clothes,

food and handicrafts.

Art sources from life and ends in life.

We prefer to call the vendors as creators.

They inject more folky and humanistic elements into their art and comprehension of aesthetics!

Our party gathers various original designs in Chengdu

Beauty, drinks and food, fun


Anything rarely seen on street can be found here

We were innundated with multifarious instruments like guitar, keyboard, bass, drum, saxophone, and african drum, etc. Bands and solo singer came one after another. Thanks the Journey of Song for they sublimated this pink romance. Thanks the three girls from PEACHES of For Dance studio for their hot Korean dance which nailed the whole show. Thanks Milk’s guitar playing and  $uperfrigid’s (a cool girl) crooning for they added charm of pink to the bright night. Thanks the DJ N9NE and Kavi for they knocked up the bustling and hot day. Each energetic performer imprinted the pink joy on our memory under the auspices of light, smoke, wine and melodies.

Each activity was organized by the joint efforts of our staff and volunteers.

Each activity was under great support of our Bosses.

Under the guidance of village head Jiang Lin and the chairman of the board Yang Li, NY has devoted to explore more possibilities over the 20years. And the “NY II” represented by Jiang Yijia is also working to lead NY20+ to go young and go international.

Thanks for all supporters


see you next time

May DAY Art

Approaching the evening, there went an abrupt rain which washed away our sweat due to the sweltering afternoon.

Although we were somewhat limited by the rain, it, indeed, broought us  with surprise and a more vivial night.

video by ‘Resident Who’, music producer/DJ
video by NY20+