2019 Chengdu Creativity & Design Week is devoted to advancing the international creativity interaction between Chengdu’s elements and global design, and making the creativity industry Chengdu’s new brand. As its long-term partner, Trans’ Art International is themed on innovation, creativity, industry, fashion, cultural creativity and tourism. Therefore we invites Chengdu graffiti crews and graffiti artists from France, Britain, Poland and Russia to jointly create an industrial art exhibition area for the purpose of showing the dialogue between the world and the new generation through street art culture; meanwhile, by exhibiting the artworks created by international residency artists in 2019 from France, Brazil, Peru, New Zealand and etc., we are showing their dialogue with and understanding of Chengdu, Bashu culture and the world.
-On-site Artists-
      The SWG Graffiti Crew was founded in 2015 and the full name is "Some Weird Guys"(namely a group of interesting guys). The crew come from and is deeply rooted in the street, and never stopped writing and graffiti on the streets. Their graffiti spread in major cities among China, Southeast Asia, and the United States; the Crew’s philosophy is to add more colors to the reinforced concretecity "RUNNING THE CITY&KEEP IT ON STREET".

      Klub 2020 (Warsaw, Poland), graduated Cultural Studies and Fine Artsdepartments in Warsaw, since 2013 finding his own path in the realm ofpainting. His style foundation is constant experiment and change, avoidingrepeating himself as much as possible. In his opinion, to have a style doesn't mean to paint in the same way,but only that other people can recognise your work.

      I am a street artist from London, England. I have been spray painting for13 years. I like to bringhappiness to a space that is otherwise neglected. Whether that should be in theform of an abstract piece, a portrait, or some cartoon characters. I enjoywatching my styles evolve and adapt with the environment. Doing Graffiti hashelped me meet like minded, passionate and creative people.
        My name is Martin, Painting graffiti already for ten years.  I’m a ХЗКА Кcrew representative fromArkhangelsk, Russia. The crew was founded in 2009 and it’ll be 10 yearsAnniversary on the 27th of June this year. There are some my Russian graffiti walls, and the comicstories by team members. At the same time I also had big murals with famous corporations with Reiki for Tecent Games.
     Gifted by avery strong sensitivity, Mathilde Guegan explores the language of drawing andemotions. Her simple and strong graphics come into resonance with the peoplewhen she realizes her large mural frescoes. Using a comic-tragic tone and her character with a triangle head, shecelebrates life, children and the path of creation.
      Cecile Daimez is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. She studied art at theEcole Nationale Superieure des Arts Appliques and the history of art at theEcole du Louvre. She has worked for 25 years in stage sets for nationaltheaters, opera, cinema and television. She taught the scenography at the EcoleSuperieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris [ENSAD] was Master of Conference at theEcole Nationale Superieure Paris-Val-de-Seine. Today she is essentially devotedto artistic creation; painting, performance, ephemeral sculpturs and collage.
       Born of the anxiety of an all mapped out and inevitable life, the work of Tito-Mulk reinvents a fantastically wealthy world - bédéiesque -in the new esthetics. Of the contrast the most blatant black / white emerges an opposition to yokes which oppress, like a fit of bad temper against the big contemporary pains. In this total commitment Tito and Mulk -cadavrent-exquisent - in a perfect symbiosis.
Very much influenced by Latin-American traditions – being French-Peruvian and raised in Mexico-she uses color language, sacred geometry and symbolism to touch each mind regardless of their language. Thus, elements of Shamanism, totem animals, masks and nature are represented in many of her works.Her art is about wild spiritual women, about their strength, their fire, their creation power and their dark side. It is about our connection as Humans to the Universe; our similarities, our roots, our moving energies and how we interact with what is bigger than Us.
Eduardo graduated in Painting at the Escola de Belas Artes of UFMG (2009). He returned to Brazil this same year where improved his pictorial and conceptual research that he had previously developed Portugal, but now with other optical. He always used as raw material the diversity of social contexts where he lived, and this becomes evident in his works as the time passes by. He is defined as a painter despite his occasional work with other techniques. His paintings go beyond the studio reaching murals in the streets of some places around the world.

He has a fervent interest in humanity. Expressing the human subject through oil painting,sketches, and any other medium or form of expression that comes naturally for what he want to communicate. Therefore the experience of other cultures and exploring new environments is a necessity in the development of my practice.

Reconstructing Graffiti Community

Reconstructing Graffiti Community



Graffiti lovers,

whose temperature is higher because of their love,

are warm, enthusiastic and lively.

They told me that graffiti is the art that exists only on the wall.

That street graffiti is the city's most primitive desire.

The body temperature is normally between 36° and 37°,

And with a low-grade fever, it would be higher than 37.2.

"FEVERISH 37.7 ° C"

The fever is a burst of intense emotions and an artistic resonance achievedby artists who adds 0.1 ° C to your spirits.

Paint = 7 = "The sound of paint cans when spraying" (in Chinese pronunciation).

37.7 ° C is the temperature of this group of writers when they’re painting graffiti.

Shakespeare said: "If your body temperature is 38.6°C the first time youmeet a person, it is called ove at first sight."We hope no matter who sees the graffiti for the first time, their body temperaturecould be about 38.6°C .

Falling in love at first sight.

Graffiti Production & Creation Video

Graffiti works are transporting to the exhibition hall

-On site-

       Graffiti is a kind of art featured by the time, and very among popular among young generation. To make the public understand more about graffiti, we invite Chengdu graffiti crews and graffiti artists from France, Britain, Poland and Russia to jointly create an industrial art exhibition area.

Graffiti artists
On-site Bomb
KLUB2020 works
On-site Bomb

Graffiti experience zone for children

Graffiti is so lively and funny,

attracting children to a great extent.

Graffiti experience Video


Appreciation for the support from StillWritin,

the first graffiti culture and warehouse in Southwest China

International Art Exhibition

International Art Exhibition


Eduardo FONSECA & Victoria Otero
Dialogue with the world

        Besides, by exhibiting the artworks created by international residency artists in 2019 from France, Brazil, Peru, New Zealand and etc., we are showing their dialogue with and understanding of Chengdu, Bashu culture and the world.

Art Creation in Chengdu


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