Call for Participation

“HER DESIGN — To Take Away Chengdu”

Cultural Creative Design Competition

1.Brief Introduction

Women are one of the creators of material and spiritual civilizations and the important force in promoting social development. Nowadays, they are still using their own ways to make more contributions. In order to actively respond to Chengdu's construction concepts of being the world cultural and creative city and “beautiful and livable park city”, highlight women's influence and innovative thinking, pay tribute to women of the era in the form of cultural and artistic design, and help building a human community with a shared future, “HER DESIGN — To Take Away Chengdu” Cultural Creative Design Competition launches.

This Competition starts from the perspective of “HER”, brings together “HER” powers all over the world, explores the role of women in cultural and artistic design, highlights “HER” power, undertake “HER” responsibility, contribute “HER” wisdom, and show “HER” charms across the board.

Participants are encouraged to focus on Bashu culture, use the theme of “To Take Away Chengdu” and explore Chengdu elements for innovative design, so that IP image, urban culture and industrial brand can be combined to accelerate the integration and development of cultural and creative industries, and a brand new “World” can be built with women's unique creative language and design attitude.

2.   Key words:

     Woman, Bashu Culture

3.   Deadline: Dec.30, 2019

4. Qualification

1). This competition is open to: Enterprises, organizations or colleges that is devoted to cultural creative design and research; Designers, handicraftsman, craft masters, artists, students, etc.

2). Applicants can be individual or group; Max 4 persons in a group.

5. Catalogue

Product design:culture creativedesign or industrial design, including jewelry, household goods, toys, crafts, etc.;

Visual identity:

Definition: Visual identity comprises of visible elements of a brand such as its color, shape, size etc. which captures and conveys the symbolic meaning of the brand. It expresses the values and ambitions of a brand and its characteristics.

Package design: packaging design, packaging structure design, special product packaging, etc.;

Artistic design: poster design, display design, illustration, public space, architecture, installationart, etc.;

              Customized souvenirs and relatedpromotion materials for the International Women Art Festival in Chengdu, China.

6. How to apply

1).    Applicants could be individuals or groups

2).    Applicants should provide   

           a)       The latest CV, titled as:Smith John’s resume   

           b)       Portfolio (10 pages max) ;

                     Image resolution (2MB min.);

                     Introducing design features and thoughts. (500 words max.):

3).    All files should be sent in related format: Word /PDF /MP3 /MP4 /JPG/CAD, etc.

4).    All files should be sent in in English or Chinese

5).    All files should be sent to the official

7. Notice

1)   The design must contain the elements related to key words.

2)   Once receiving the application form, we will send applicants files about Bashu culture for reference.

3)   The awarded applicants are qualified for the 2020 NY20+ Artist Residency Program.

4)   More details about the international Artist Residency Program, please refer to:

8. Contact

Any questions, please contact us:   





1). Awards setting:

1 Gold Awards, prize ¥ 20,000 (£ 2, 203), a certificate

2 Silver Awards, prize ¥ 8,000 (£ 881), a certificate

3 Bronze Awards, prize ¥ 5,000 (£ 881), a certificate

10 Excellence Awards, prize ¥ 2,000 (£ 220), a certificate

50 Potential Awards, a certificate

2 Group awards, prize ¥ 4,000 (£ 440), a certificate

2)    The final prize is based on Real-time CNY (¥) to GBP (£) Exchange Rate.

3)    Excellent entries of visual identity will be elected as the overall visual identity of the First Edition of International Women Art Festival in Chengdu, China in 2020.

4)    Excellent entries will be elected as the souvenir of the First Edition of International Women Art Festival in Chengdu, China.

5).   The awarded works and designers will have the opportunity to obtain the Organizing Committee’s “Key Project Recommendation Plan” to use the platform for achieving market value transformation.