Eduardo Fonseca

Born in Ponte Nova, MG, Brazil(1984), Eduardo graduated in Painting at the Escola de Belas Artes of UFMG (2009). As soon as he finished the school, he moved to Lisbon, Portugal, to make a Master in Painting at the Faculdade de Belas Artes of the University of Lisbon, finishing his academic period in the middle of 2013. He returned to Brazil this same year where improved his pictorial and conceptual research that he had previously developed Portugal, but now with other optical. He always used as raw material the diversity of social contexts where he lived, and this becomes evident in his works as the time passes by. He is defined as a painter despite his occasional work with other techniques. His paintings go beyond the studio reaching murals in the streets of some places around the world. The colors and characters on the paintings are hallmarks of his style, which despite being pleasant to many people, can have a critical social/political perspective.