2019 Chengdu Creativity & Design Week

Call for Participation

  Chengdu Creativity & Design Week, held annually since 2014 in Chengdu, have more than 1,000 famous creativity and design organizations and professional designers from more than 30 countries participated, and attracted 15 million visitors. Through activities like creativity and design industry expo,culture and creativity industry, completely increases the international level creativity design conference, etc., it promotes the development of Chengdu and influence of “Created in Chengdu”, and makes great more room for Chengdu between Chengdu elements and global creative design in an international vision,creative design industry. In 2019, the sixth edition will continue to raise all activities into a higher international position, advance the interaction further the realization and transformation of creative elements, make the global creativity industry.creativity industry Chengdu’s new brand, and then play a more important role in As the long-term exhibitor of Chengdu Creativity & Art International is committed to building a resources-sharing platform for Design Week, Trans’young designers, artists and handicraftsmen at home and abroad, as well as nourishing the atmosphere and environment of inclusively free creation and equally win-win cooperation.

   In 2019, Trans’Art International calls for designers, artists and handicraftsmen all over the world to participate in the Sixth Edition Chengdu Creativity & Design Week. This edition will gather more creative talents across the world together for the purpose that they can utilize Bashu Culture and modern diverse cultures, handicrafts and arts, as well as Chengdu’s local and international features to create or design more special and unique works. Trans’Art International will select excellent works from the submission and then provide the elected participators with academic support, prize and opportunities of exhibition and exchanges.

1. Time

Deadline: Nov., 2019

Exhibition time: November, 2019

2. Site: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

3. Subject:

Any kind of Bashu or traditional elements,patterns, historical stories, craftsmanship, etc. without limitation of creation forms.

4. Awards


    Categories: Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Best New Entrant Award, Finalists

    Prize:  Gold Award9, 000 Euros

    Silver Award1,800 Euros

    Bronze Award900 Euros

    Best New Entrant Award900 Euros   

    Finalists: Certificate

2)Artist Residency

  Recipients of awards will have the qualification to participate in Trans’ Art International 2019 Artist Residency Program (more details seen in 2019 Chendu Creative&Design Week Trans' Art International Artist Residency Program) .


    Recipients of awards will acquire exhibition chance in Chengdu Creativity & Design Week for free.


   Recipients of awards will gain more channels to promote themselves or award-winning works at home and abroad, and opportunities of creating a English and Chinese webpage and conducting other related promotion activities in China.

5.  Category

1)    Original Art:
      artworks inspired by Bashu civilization, culture, Chengdu etc. without limitation of creation forms.

2)   Tourism and Cultural Product Design:
      products inspired by Bashu culture, tourist elements, Bashu Intangible Cultural Heritages, antiques etc.

3)   Urban Space Design:
    culture and leisure space design (museum, exhibition hall, hotel, library, etc.), commercial space design ( shopping mall, department stores, specialty stores, showrooms, etc.)

4)   Industrial design:
     vehicles, household appliances,apparatuses for the old and children, everyday objects, ,furniture, eSports equipment, characters and other related products, etc.

5)   Folk Art and Design:
  combine the traditional handcraftsmanship with modern design, draw inspiration from Bashu crafts, ethnic characteristics, rural elements, natural landscape, etc.and then create practical and aesthetic works.

6)   Construction of Beautiful Villages:
    make elements like Western Sichuan landscape, cultural and creative specialty, crafts, ethnic features, etc. collide with western ones and therefore,create practical and aesthetic products.

7)   Package design:

    the design of packages’ shapes, structures and decorations, should use artistic forms like patterns, words, colors and etc. to highlight products’ characteristics and beautify products for promotion, and to innovate packages of agricultural and sideline products

8)   Visual communication design:
     illustrations, logos, posters, exhibit, layout, image, typeface, book design and etc.

9)   Fashion design:
     shoes,clothes, accessories, textiles, jewelry and products related to the fashion industry.

6. How to apply

1)   Applicants could be individuals or groups

2)   Deadline: August, 2019

3)   Applicants should provide
    The latest CV in English, titled as: Smith John’s resume
    Works’ introduction including the name, creation concepts, five pictures or videos of works.
 Signed Registration Form, Statement of Originality and Undertaking And Letter of Authorization(see in the attachments)

4)   All files should be sent in related format: Word /PDF /MP3 /MP4 /JPG /CAD, etc.

5)   All files should be sent to the official mailbox: residence@trans-art.net

7. Jury

   Paul Cohen, jury of iF Design Award jury

   Hiroaki Tanaka, jury of iF Design Award jury

   Zhang Guangmin, jury of iF Design Award jury

   Li Bei, jury of iF Design Award jury

   Lu Xiaobo, jury of Red Dot Award, dean of Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University

   Liu Guanzhong, pioneer of industrial design education system in China

   Jin Yuanpu, director of Cultural and Creative Industry Institute of Renmin University of China.

   Stewart Dodd, Unit Master at the Architectural Association

   Peter Ruge, professor of Hochschule Anhalt / Dessau Institute of Architecture (Bauhaus)

   Xu Bochu, Professor of School of Architecture and Design of Southwest Jiaotong University

   Xu Liaoyuan, founder of XLYMoMA

8. Supplementary items

1)   There is no registration fee; as to other costs, please refer to Trans’ Art International 2019 Artist Residency Program Open Call or E-mail us.

2)   Trans’ Art International reserves the rights of explaining the matters listed above and using designs.

9. Contact

E-mail: info@trans-art.net

Tel : +8628853960589