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Hibiscus(Cottonrose Hibiscus)

Hibiscusis the city flower of Chengdu and the city is also called Rong Cheng, literallythe Hibiscus City. When blossoming, it will change its colors three times in one day. It turns white or pink in the morning, dark red at noon and magenta in the evening.

Hibiscus first rose to fame during 907-960 AD, when the post-Shu emperor Meng Chang ordered hibiscus trees to be planted in the city and especially along the city clay walls for the protection of the city. During the flowering season, a splendid sight on the long city walls was made and looked like a long brocade screen. Hence Chengdu has been nicknamed the Furong Cheng or Rong Cheng for short. Hibiscus is also a symbol of love and called love flower.


Ginkgo biloba, Chengdu City tree, is native to China and can date back to about 345 million years ago. The ginkgo got its Chinese name in Song Dynasty when it was delivered to the emperor as a tribute, who deemed it resemble white apricots. Its Chinese name simply means silver apricot. The genus name "Ginkgois" regarded as a misspelling of the Japanese "gin kyo " which is derived from the Chinese.

It was widely spread around the world but extinct in most areas but China in about 0.5 million years ago. Ginkgo is the oldest relict plant in the world and is reputed as “the world's No. 1 living fossil”. It is also credited as grandpa and grandson tree because it will take at least 30 to 40 years to grow up. When a man planted a gingko tree, maybe it will his grandson who gain the first fruit of this tree.