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Jinsha Site

Jinsha is another center of ancient Shu Kingdom (late Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th Century BC) to Western Zhou Dynasty (11th Century BC - 771 BC)) after the vanishing of Sanxingdui, and Chengdu is undoubtedly the central area of the ancient kingdom. The discovery of Jinsha Ruins greatly expands the connotation and denotation of ancient Bashu culture, and has huge significance for studying its origin, development and decline, especially the puzzling vanishing of Sanxingdui culture

The Golden Sun Bird

     The Golden Sun Bird, an famous ancient artifact unearthed in 2001 from the Jinsha Ruins, is recognized as the symbol of Chinese cultural heritage and main pattern of Chengdu’ images and logo. It is a ring-shaped piece of foil, made of nearly pure gold. The patterns were divided into hollow carved internal parts which is a sun pattern with twelve points and external parts which consists of four birds, flying in the same counterclockwise direction, located around the perimeter. It reminds people easily of the myths and legendries.