Ghislaine AVAN

Chorographer, tap-dancer and video-maker, Ghislaine Avan never ceases to marry her art with all the disciplines which her supernatural instinct of encountering and exchanging with others allows her to do. The life and the work of Ghislaine are so nourished by these unusual encounters, these explosive collisions, these incredible coincidences, that one has to wonder if it is not this sense of openess, this receptiveness, which has become, for her, an art in itself.

Since 2006, Ghislaine Avan undertookthe making of a film entitledLe LA du Monde (The One Tune for the World), the result of filming people around the world,   from all backgrounds, nationalities and inall languages, reading an excerpt from Dante’s poem.

Chengdu Creativity & Design Week(Ghislaine AVAN)