Intangible Culture Heritage & Design
"Restore the Vitality of Intangible Cultural Heritage by Innovarion and Creativity"

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Intangible Cultural Heritage & Design

Intangible Cultural Heritage & Design


      NY20+ Intangible Cultural Heritage & Design Program, attached to Bashu Culture and Tianfu Culture, relying on abundant ICH resources and plenty of art talents, aiming at inheriting the ICH handicrafts and developing the ICH design and application, is committed to building the communication and creation platform for folk arts and crafts in the form of design, promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of ICH handicrafts in the new era, as well as displaying the diversity of ICH handicrafts and the profound potential of leading the inheritance of culture and arts.

      The intangible culture focusing on craftsmanship is closely intertwined with people’s lives. NY20+ will cooperate with numerous ICH bearers, artists and designers from different country and regions, under the leadership of pursuing modern aesthetic and daily life, to combine the Chinese ICH elements with different culture elements by importing and exporting and then fit into people’s daily life, and by constantly creating new iterations, to make the extensive and profound Chinese culture play a role of cultivating humanity and culture in modern times.




Ba Shu Culture Introduction
Bashu Crafts and Artistic Forms
Ba Shu Culture Introduction
Ancient Bashu Culture
Sanxingdui Culture
Jinsha Sites
Fusion of Cultures
Bashu Crafts and Artistic Forms
Chengdu Lacquer Ware
Wood Engraving
Filamentary Silver Hovering Arts of Chengdu
Sichuan Opera
Paper Cutting
Lion Dance
Chinese Shadow Puppetry