Chengdu Nongyuan

Chengdu Nongyuan Culture and Art Promotion Co. Ltd. was founded in 2005, focusing on promoting the development of culture and art industry. At present, it becomes a large-scale comprehensive enterprise including cultural and creative design, artistic works collection and renting, cultural and artistic arrangements, exhibitions, international art residency, catering services, tourism etc. It has

three theme parks: Nongyuan International Art Village, Tianyi Village and Tianyi Art Life Experience Center.

Nongyuan International Art Village
Covering an area of 160 acres, it is a creation paradise for numerous artists. Currently. More than 200 workshops were set up by artists and art institutions.
Tianyi Village
With an area of 50 acres, it forges a culture and art complex of catering, entertainment, education, opening more than 500 exhibitions and boasting over 30 thousand pieces of collections. It is an important tourist destination for Chengdu residents.
Tianyi Art Life Experience Center
Occupying an area of about 2000 square meters, it is a comprehensive innovation and art experience center, fusing art exhibitions and appreciation, cultural exchanges, lectures and communications, and etc.