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Chengdu Creativity & Design Week
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   NY INSIGHT Forum is themed on the creative Culture and Art Exchange of Chengdu Returned Oversea Chinese Youth, focusing on strengthening communications among overseas Chinese youth, uniting them for mutual development, and providing more help to boost their entrepreneurship. The central topics are about "inheritance & innovation”and "Education & Employment", with the core vision of promoting the artistic exchange of returned overseas Chinese youth in Chengdu. This forum provides a space for returned overseas Chinese young artists to express themselves and their ideas, and continuously bridge the cross-cultural gap through arts.
VENUE: Conference room, Zone B, Tianyi·Nongyuan Art Expo Park
MODERATOR: Zhong Shu, Associate Professor of Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Minority culture is an integral part of Chinese culture. The “ChiYou Cup” Cross-Straits Culture and Art Festival is a new cross-strait exchange platform launched by ChiYou Jiuli City, which is mainly committed to the exchange and study of Chinese culture, especially about ethnic minority culture. Focusing on music, the first edition aims to bring more people to explore the cultures of ethnic minorities on both sides of the Strait and regional cultural characteristics. Participants have the opportunity to give full play to their strengths, so as to promote the traditional Chinese culture , advance the common development and innovation of culture, tourism, culture & innovation, culture & commerce, culture & education and other industries across the strait. 

“ChiYou Cup” Cross-Straits Art Festival
   Chinese mainland and Taiwan share the same culture and customs.In order to promote creative culture and art prosperity on both sides,as well as art exchange and cooperation among young people, art colleges and universities of Chinese mainland and Taiwan is going to hold the Galaxy Public Art Graduation Exhibition,which gathers art talents and extracts culture and art essence.

Wenchang Cup Cross-Strait Youth Bashu  Creative Design Competition

“HER DESIGN —To Take Away Chengdu”  Creative Design Competition


       To present Wenchang Cup Cross-Strait Youth Bashu Culture Creative Design Competition in colleges and universities like Arts school of the Sichuan University Jinjiang College, Art college of Southwest Minzu University, College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University , Art College of Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, The College of Arts & Design of Sichuan Technology and Business University, Sichuan University of Culture and Arts, and etc..

Resonances of Chinese Painting and
Calligraphy in Western Art
Address: Chengdu Normal University
Time: 2019/03/06
    Cecile Daimez, French artist and lecturer, served as an academic speaker at the Fine Arts College of Chengdu Normal University to illustrate the resonance between Chinese calligraphy, painting and Western art in a westerner's eyes from the perspective of timeline and art history.    Cecile believes that it is not easy to understand how Chinese paintings and calligraphy resonate with Western art in ashort period of time. Therefore, she started the topic from the period of the 17th century and divided into five parts to explained how they resonated and embodied. Cecile takes the artists and artworks as examples, and then uses theoretical researches and critical articles to make a deep but simple presentation, bringing a visual and academic feast to the students of the Fine Arts College of Chengdu Normal University.

     On November 12, 2018, the 5th Chengdu Creativity & Design Week came to a successful end. During the 4-day Exhibition, we made joint efforts with several universities in Sichuan and young artists to exhibit a number of  innovative products and designs characteristized by Bashu Culture and youthful spirits...
Chengdu Creativity & Design Week
Time: 2018/11/9-2018/11/12
"Injection and Reflection" Art Exhibition
Address: Art Museum of Sichuan University
Time: 2018/10/25-2018/11/10

     “Injection and Reflection”, an art exhibition project which is launched by Xiong Yu, curator of the Art Museum of Sichuan University and Dr. Ulrika Eller-Rüter, hosted by Art Museum of Sichuan University and coordinated by Chengdu Nongyuan International Art Village and Trans‘ Art International etc., focuses on the regionally culture difference. Artists from the world participated this art project which is the second “Injection and Reflection“ exhibition after it had been exhibited in Künstlerforum Bonn of German in September.

     After years of careful research and in-depth communication with culture and art colleges and universities in Sichuan Province, we will take on our advantages and strive to establish a school-enterprise cooperation platform where institutions and enterprises can reach consensus on establishing a long-term and efficient strategic cooperation model with colleges and universities in Sichuan Province which are academic representatives in the culture and art industries.

    This kind of cooperation will boost the increase of students’ social practices; it helps students to combine their theoretical knowledge learned in colleges with the needs of the market and enterprises through ways such as creative design and talent incubation; letting students be part of the cultural community construction, public culture and art services, and professional exhibitions will be beneficial for them to grow their social knowledge and for universities  to enhance the talent output.

Universities and colleges
Linking 34 universities and colleges round the world, NY20+ has been committed to seeking more cooperation chances for international artists according to their art styles