Thibaud Tchertchian

In 2014, Thibaud Tchertchian showed a series of original drawings from an auto-published book in Bangkok, Thailand. Half of the book is an illustrated story in 3D. The second part is a compilation of watercolors with aphorisms. Four years later, the first part of the book is shown in Paris at FGO-Barbara, while the other part is at le Pavillon Français of Qingbaijiang. Thibaud is a painter artist, coming from graffiti, born in Paris in 1983. After studying in fine art school, he now did thirteen group exhibitions, nine solo exhibitions, eight book publications and two residences. He creates a link with the codes of Chinese painting, his gestures, his relationship to time and space. The artist relied on Shitao's essays on painting, Yi Jing and his relationship with graffiti.