Olivier Steinert

Born in 1953 in Belgium, Olivier Steinert spent his childhood in the Congo where the richness and beauty of the living drives him to an indelible observation of the shapes and colors that will mark his work. After engineering studies in Belgium, this technique lends itself to serigraphy reproduction and the artist approaches the Schleiper House in Brussels, which is committed to reproducing a number of his limited edition creations. Soon the style takes shape: The object wants to be "alive": it needs more volume and color. The bottom must be black to make it stand out. Fluorescent gouaches and metallic paints, mixed with the gradations of the gradients, are called reinforcement during this research. But this time the pixels replace the gouache and the power of the computer allows him to continue the interrupted work. This one gains in precision, in contrast and the new techniques of art printing (Digigraphie® / Giclée) make the reproduction more affordable.