Marie Donnève

During Marie Donnève’s childhood, there were her father's medical books which she went to look for hours and scared herself. Those books opened to her the ways of a certain fascination for the strange ... Later, her meeting with the painter Emma Picq and the years spent programming a Festival of Contemporary Transdisciplinary Art mark a crucial point in the construction of her artistic reflection and her representations. It is in Paris, in the workshop of Gonzalo Belmonte, that Marie will take action; through the use of various mediums and media, the diversion of images. Between painting and drawing, she explores the question of our animality, our origins, the memory of places, of the body, because in the impermanence of beings, their environment and light, lies this strangeness of two, the traces left by time and absence, whose impact constantly modifies the image and the representation that one has of the world.