Emmanuel Laborde

- 1977 : My first contact with the photographic world. For my 7th birthday,  i received my first camera, an Instamatic Kodak. My passion for photo started at that moment and has not stopped growing since then.

- 1985 : With my father’s reflex camera, I explored technical effects like overexposure, back lighting, and I tried to reproduce the fascinating ads I would see in the newspaper back in the 80’s.

- 2011 : As a photographer and a globetrotter, I became the host of an French and German art TV show. The program was a blending of TV interviews and photo portraits I did.

- 2012 : I dedicated myself to a single theme : Women. From now on, I would study the idea of femininity. I created my website, photographer on line.fr which is translated in 16 languages and currently visited from 80 countries around the world.

- 2013 :  My work was exhibited for the first time, it was called W3-F1 which means World Wide Women – Femininity 1. It took place in Paris in November and December at the International Center of the Récollets,  and showed 40 photos about Femininity.