Christophe Calvet

Chris Calvet

Painterphotographer,image Explorer , Creator

I was born in 1979 in Aveyron and livein Paris in the 11th district. I studied graphic and visual arts for 7 years. Iwas first drawn to African masks, then started doing freestyle Arabic calligraphy, and afterwards I started a series ofpieces that I called “Opening” which is a work involving pigmentation, colorsand shapes. Following that, a series which was called “Fiche Journaliere”, then“Envol” which mixed together “Fiche Journaliere” and “Opening” . I took Chineselessons as I regularly travelled to China. It was from that moment on that Igot involved in photography. The ancient art will remain forever modern. Themixture with the human body brings a new touch. But the character in itself remainssomething timeless,   and which will, inthe end, always be contemporary.

Works (Christophe CALVET)
Chengdu Creativity & Design WeekPerformance

Chengdu Creativity & Design WeekPerformance