Christian Foutrel

I was born in 1954 in the suburbs of Rouen in Normandy, France. In the 1970s I discovered a new universe through the association of Youth and Culture: images. This would be the "click" that launches my professional career. Then in 1980s, after three years of training in R.I.P d'Arles I became a cameraman for various production companies and television channels. I still exert those activities today. With the advent of digital, I found my way back to my early photography works. Imagination is required in a universe I live in. My eyes seek to explore details that may not be perceived by others. I look for the light, movement and color. My photographs are available to you in their mystery and their formal beauty, as so many poetic and musical dreams. A world between stasis and movement. The camera brings me a lot of creative possibilities. To be free I only use one optical. The object, situation, shapes, materials, lighting, color composition already exist. What is taken in the instant is real, nothing is artificially reworked. Only the lens’movement and exposure time are important.