Céline Vaye  

Visual artist graduated from Paris I, Sorbonne-St-Charles, plastic arts (1999) And Université Paris V - René Descartes, Art therapy (2006). Much inspired by the nature and urban environment, I like to capture moments in movement. Like a pinhole, I record them in my memory and then transcribe them with my brushes on the canvas. The work often begins with layers of paint, at first random, impulsive. Then shapes, lines are imposed on me. I resist them sometimes and impose my climate. Moments of rain, fog, body movements ... I use the technique of fade to keep the blur effect that can be obtained in photography, with the material and more. Facing the canvas, I try to integrate the material to become in my turn a drop of water forming circles in the water, a wave falling on a rock, a blade of grass rising to the sky ... Blues, greens and whites are my preponderant colors and I also like warm colors for my collages "Paris urban". My paintings are interior landscapes open to the viewer.